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We like to receive calls from home and business users.

Slow Performing Computers at Home or Office

We can help improve your computer performance.

Computer Viruses and Computer Security

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IT Support

We can help support your family or home s


Who We Are

London Computer Repairs have been serving London since 2011. Laptop Repair, PC Repair, Mac Repair, Computer Virus removal, Computer Security, IT Support.

Why us?

  • We have great ratings on Yell and Google
  • We listen to our customers
  • Provide feedback on our work
  • Try to find a solution even if it is with another company.



Slow Performing Computer Help

We can help improve the speed of you PC and Mac computer that has become slow.

Computer Security and Family

We can help protect your household and business from unwanted internet access.

Cloud Backup

We can help you have a fast backup service to services based locally..

Wi Fi Printer and Networking

We can help with most wi fi printer network connections, set up cable and wi fi networks.

IT Support for Software and HardwaRre

We can help support your software applications and hardware, along with partners


We can help tutor new software rollouts.

Computer Virus Removal Service Spyware Malware PC Virus Removal Metropolitan Police Virus Pop Up Ad Removal.



London Conmputer Repairs